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Debt Consolidation

Significant savings can be achieved by combining all of your finances under the one umbrella. Home loan rates are generally lower than those of credit cards, personal loans, car loans or overdrafts. By consolidating all of your debts into one home loan in most cases you can reduce your monthly repayments, freeing up money in the monthly budget. When you apply for a personal loan or similar from a bank or financial institution they don’t suggest consolidating the smaller loan into your Home Loan. This is because they a paid to make money for the Banks. At OwnHome we have your best interests in mind not the Banks and our advice is of benefit to you.

Some of the benefits of consolidating your loans:

  • Lower your monthly payments
  • Make significant savings on interest
  • Alleviate the debt burden
  • Manage your debts effectively
  • Get on track for a debt free future

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There are times when it is actually better to refinance a mortgage. We recommend reviewing your mortgage and lending situation approximately every two years. We do so because of changing circumstances over time and the introduction of better home loan products. At OwnHome we work with you to ensure your home loan product is best suited to you or perhaps if there is a better financial option for you.

Some of the benefits on refinancing include:

  • Lower your monthly repayments
  • Build equity faster
  • Change the loan program type
  • Manage your credit
  • Use equity in your home for renovations, holidays etc
  • Pay off your mortgage sooner

At OwnHome we spend time working with our clients to ensure refinancing is in our clients’ best interest as there can be hidden cost involved including:

Application, establishment and handling fees when applying for your new loan

  • Early settlement fees on your existing loan
  • Valuation fees (still required by some lenders)
  • Mortgage insurance (required if the loan is more than 80% of the property value)
  • Discharge fees on your existing mortgage and
  • Registration fees on your new home
  • Stamp duty

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